Sprinting through a marathon

When I first discussed with Caroline from >french art studio about having my own solo show in London I was really excited. We were in March. The exhibition was going to take place at the end of September so I had several months ahead of me.

We are now in September and I feel like I’ve ran a marathon since that first discussion with Caroline. After weeks of building the structures, I finally attacked painting this summer. Fortunately I could work partially outside, I would never have been able to fit everything in my “factory building” at the back of our huge 10m2 garden…

I’ve now finalised most of the artwork that will be exhibited during the “Close to the clouds” exhibition. My atelier and our living room are filled with aircraft sculptures, all neatly packed for shipping.

As for me, I’m starting a final sprint to finalise everything. My mind is focused on the champagne glass that I’ll hold in my hand during the opening reception on September 26!

solo show close to the clouds