All the artists are there


Art Toronto is to Canada what FIAC is to France. Hundreds of galleries present thousands of contemporary artwork from around the world in these annual gatherings on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Being on this side of the Atlantic Ocean myself, I’m going to visit FIAC, but my artwork is going to be presented on the other side. Stop by the booth #538 to visit Contempop Expressions Gallery if you happen to be in Canada this weekend.

But rather than talking about my work, I decided to talk about the work of another artist. The Canadian artist and Art Toronto curator Thom Sokoloski gathered all the artists together in a huge portrait gallery in the entrance of Art Toronto.

All the artists are here -project (c)Thom Sokoloski

Each artist is represented by a red-framed black and white photographic portrait.
While the galleries display the artwork of artists from all over the world, “All the artists are here” brings the represented artists together as a group.
20131025-art-toronto-escalators©Aubrey Jax on BlogTO

“All the artists are here” allows engagement with both the artwork and the artists through the use of a smartphone. With a help of a QR-code you can learn more about the artists and bookmark the ones you want to keep in mind… ME!