I love girls!

J aime les filles French 2
I’m preparing a new solo exhibition with my London-based gallery >frenchartstudio for the end of this month.
Entitled “J’aime les filles”, it’s going to be all about girls… If you want to join me for the opening reception on Saturday 21st March 2015 from 4pm, you can ask for your invitation here.

A couple of weeks before the show, I’m happy to show you what happens behind the curtains, right in the heart of Alban’s Art Factory.


“Hi! Remember, we told you just before Christmas that we were getting pretty for 2015: come and see us during the ‘J’aime les filles’ exhibition in London at the end of this month! Nous vous embrassons tendrement !”


And if you happen to be in London in the middle of March, my work is presented at the AAF in Battersea. For more information, click here.
AAF Battersea